Neural Networks

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GPT), Neural Networks, Adaptive Filtering, CNNs, and LSTM Methods

We have worked with Reinforced Learning, Neural Networks, and AI in general since 1998 . As in 1998, Fuzzy Logic was a solution available that provided high-performance results for multiple systems.  Neural networks and adaptive networks were used for the research that leads to the patents US 7,697,508 and US8,213,417.

Music Selection 

Automatic generation of music selection.

Using classifiers and other techniques, AI is used to learn DJ and curated content to regenerate streams and playlists. 


Gesture Detector

Users and interfaces for theMEVIAVERSE will require the use of gestures and accelerometer controls

Our LSTM and other models are used to detect gestures from accelerometer in web-based applications.



Podcast Generation

GPT and other models can generate videos, audio, and an entire podcast.

Using GPT and LLMs to generate text and video to compliment a podcast around a theme or an idea. 

Cyber and Security

We use computer vision and other AI techniques to control door access and.

Pattern recognition from movement to a data stream that looks suspicious or out of the ordinary are used for cyber security and door access controls.


Design Thinking and Innovation

We are innovators and entrepreneurs, our creative process is always turned on.   Thinking out of the box is our motto, and AI only enhances and speeds up that design process.

Training and Data Capturing