WIFI Expert

Working on IEEE 802.11, Bluetooth PAN, and now on WIFI 6

Dr. Edwin Hernandez has worked on WIFI and Wireless Networks since early 1998 when he began his research at the University of Florida at the Harris Mobile Computing Lab. 

His WIFI experience lead him  job at Microsoft and interning at the Wireless team as well before joining full-time, and later for about 7 years at Motorola Mobility. 

As part of his contributions to the Wireless Zero Configuration Service (WZCS) now deployed in millions of Windows-based devices, Dr. Hernandez contributed to Microsoft’s Intellectual Portfolio with several patents:

  • ☀ E. Hernandez, A. Ayyagari, et al. “Method and system for managing power consumption of a network interface module in a wireless computing device,” Microsoft Corporation, US Patent7,564,810
  • ☀ S. Poursabahian, E. Hernandez, et al, “Bluetooth PAN Driver,”  Microsoft Corporation,  US Pat. 7,269,388
  • ☀ A. Krantz, E. Hernandez, et al “Rules-based Network Selection Across Multiple Media,” Microsoft Corporation,  US Pat8,788,715, and 7,996,505
  • ☀ V. Bhanu, E. Hernandez, et al, “Smart Scan for Bluetooth PAN Services,” Microsoft Corporation, US Pat8,024,487.

Additionally, during the design of this dissertation or the RAMON prototype, as an initial embodiment is was implemented using WiFI or IEEE 802.11

  • ☀ E. Hernandez, A. Helal,  RAMON, “Rapid Mobility Network Emulator Method and System,”  Mobility Workx, LLC,  US Pat. 7,231,330
  • ☀ E. Hernandez, A. Helal, “System, Apparatus, and Method for Proactive Allocation of Wireless Communication Resources,” Mobility Workx, LLC, US. Pat.7,697,508 and 8,213,417

CV and Expert Witness Experience

I have been an expert for several years and have testified in court as well,
feel free to review my CV herein.

RAMON Prototype using IEEE 802.11 parts circa-2002


Recent Experience with WIFI

Dr. Hernandez has continued working on WIFI and other wireless technologies like 4G and 5G.  His expertise spans now WIFI 6, IEEE 802.11, and CBRS bands of 4G LTE.  His deep understanding of MAC, PHY, and services layers protocols has been in great us for his consulting.

Dr. Hernandez has been a judge for the Mobile World Congress 2019 and 2020 and has revised the industry first hand and also participates in several journals as part of the editorial board in IEEE/ACM and other organizations.