• Assisted Cases: Technical Expert & Damages Expert

    Technical Expert Witness for Intellectual Property and Patent Cases

    • University of Florida Research Foundation, Inc. et. al. vs. Motorola Mobility LLC.Filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida – Case settled
    • Virtela Technology Services Andrew Funk, File in the US District Court of Denver, Colorado, Representing Andrew Funk – Case Settled
    • Del Castillo vs. Bank of America– Representing Bank of America – Case settled.
    • Seven Networks vs. Google– Representing Seven Networks
    • Blue Radios Kopin – Representing Blue Radios – Colorado
    • Mobility Workx T-Mobile– Case Settled
    • Mobility Workx Verizon Wireless, Representing Mobility Workx, LLC in E.D. Texas
    • Mobile Manufacturer Carrier, Eastern District of Texas, Representing Mobile Manufacturer (Confidential)
    • Talent Mobile Development Headios Group (California Federal Court, Trademark/Mobile Software) – Jury trial testimonial with 700k award to my client.
    • Key West Golf Club vs. Cable Provider – Preliminary study – Key West, FL
    • Express Mobile DreamHost, LLCExpert Witness – US District Court of Delaware.
    • StoneAT&T, Velocity – Expert Witness – Representing AT&T and Velocity – US District of San Diego
    • Express Mobilevs Magento, BigCommerce, others – Representing Express Mobile, U.S. E.D District of Texas and California Northern District, Audited code for client, claim charts, invalidity defenses.
    • Advising – Pre-trial / 4 Confidential Defendants/Plaintiffs

    Damages Expert Witness for Intellectual Property and Patent Cases

    • Mobility Workx CellCo Partnership (Verizon Wireless), Representing Mobility Workx, LLC in E.D. Texas, Daubert challenged, scheduled to testify in court for reasonable Royalty

    Inter-Parties Reviews (IPR)

    • Workspot Citrix– Expert Witness IPR2019-01002-– Representing CITRIX  – PTAB
    • DISH Network LLC vs Multimedia Content Management LLC– IPR2019-01014 and IPR2019-01015, Representing Multimedia Content Management, LLC


    “Assisting startups, mid- to large-corporations with their intellectual property needs”

  • Big Data Presentation and 4G/5G Intelligent Cell Positioning

    BigData Presentation – Radio Frequency / Mobile CDS
    Intelligent Positioning of RF Cells for 4G/5G

    I was invited to FAU (Florida Atlantic University) to present at one of the MBA classes on “Big Data Analytics” and we went over the important concept and examples of MapReduce, Hadoop, Pandas, and sample on how Radio Frequency can be simulated and how Big Data is the key component to process, aggregate, and create dashboards of RF simulations over 3D KML maps loaded from Google Earth/Google Maps. This presentation also covered aspects on how the data is split and can be splitter in multiple GPUs using OpenCL as a framework.




    You can see that yourself here: http://4Gexpert.com/