EGLA CORP Expert Witnesses, Damages Experts, Technologists, Innovators, Intellectual Property, and Startups

EGLA CORP is a Florida-based corporation with a strong focus on intellectual property, innovation, and startups. EGLA CORP also owns several brands and trademarks such as “AMPLIFY YOUR REACH,” “MEDIAMPLIFY”, MEVIA, MEVIA STUDIOS, FUTMOB, TECHEDTV, and others, which are commercialized under “EGLA COMMUNICATIONS”

Our management team and board of directors is  a family-owned business, 100% minority-owned, with Dr. Edwin Hernandez acting as owner and founder member of the corporation.

Our startup incubator, the EGLAVATOR, includes several tech ventures, a data center, conference room, and all kinds of amenities for entrepreneurs to thrive, plus a strong focus on IP, generating revenues, makes us unique, and a very free and open business model.

EGLA CORP also advices tech companies in intellectual property matters, from litigation to licensing, including implementation and software engineering assistance.

Our involvement includes IPRs (Inter-party Reviews), Damages Reports for Patent cases, Technical Expert Witness for Patent cases, Trademarks, and all technical-related litigation, including cases involving TCPA, trade secrets, and forensic analysis of information.  Our team includes true experts in the field with access to all our facilities and technology environment.

We have been retained and involved with companies large and small, including:

Citrix, Virtela, Bank of America, Talent Mobile, Google, Apple, Motorola, T-Mobile, Verizon, DISH, MCM, AT&T ,  KOPIN, Blue Radios, Nokia, Ericsson, and many others.

Intellectual Property Consulting for Small & Large Corporations

Our expertise includes assisting from startups, to small, medium and large corporations with intellectual property strategies, valuations, acquisitions, litigation, invalidity, damages calculations, and launch of products to new markets.

The EGLAVATOR is a 7000 sq ft facility with several startups operating from our space with access to fiber and high-speed internet, conference center, snacks and food, labs, small data center, and all what is needed to build a technology venture.

EGLA CORP also works with ventures and assists startups on business development and engineering cycles.

Expert Witness Services

We have dedicated and smart case managers that are familiar with patent law, copyright, and many other areas of our intellectual property services. We have a network of professionals from multiple Fortune 500 corporations like Motorola, Nokia, Apple, Blackberry, Google, Microsoft, and more. You will save time and money with our services.

Once we identify the best experts for your case, our team will connect you with the leading candidates before you make a final decision.

Patents, Trademarks, Software

We are specialized in technology fields, wireless communications, cloud-based systems software platform mobile, embedded devices, operating systems, and many aspects the include hardware/software interactions for your case. We also audit software and validate technical reports, statements, affidavits.  Our services include Inter-Partiers Reviews, Validity, Copyright, Patent Infringement, Packet Captures, Evidence Analysis, Reverse Engineering, and more

Our founder, Dr. Edwin Hernandez is a judge for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2020 and it was a judge in 2019.

3D Printing and R&D Labs

We have access to modern techniques for testing and validating wireless networks. We can setup a virtualized environment and clearly understand diagrams from the hardware/software provided.  Our hands-on engineers can write scripts and your expert will provide you with reports that are strong and hard to be challenged.

What is 5G?

Music Choice vs Stingray Settlement – Accurate Analysis by EGLA

Music Choice vs Stingray Settlement arrives right before trial. This case has been analyzed as a case by our experts from two angles:
  • ♠ Technology
  • ♠ Damages
On February 4th, 2020,  Music Choice announced that has settled the case for $13.3M right before an important hearing and a potential trial date set for March 3rd, 2020.  Obviously, there is no more hearing and no more trial.

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