EGLA CORP is a Florida corporation located  in Boca Raton. We are dedicated to technological innovation and cutting-edge solutions to different problems. We have over a decade of experience in software engineering and a great track record .

The founders and owners of EGLA are, the Hernandez family, a family of professionals and Honduran immigrants.  The name, EGLA,, is formed from the combination of all founder first name initials:: Edwin, Gladys and Alcides.   For the more than a decade,,  Dr. Edwin Hernandez has worked for EGLA as the main visionary and lead inventor.

EGLA also runs a technology incubator and accelerator space, that we call, the EGLAVATOR.  In this space, entrepreneurs, engineers, creators, visionaries, and innovators join together to build ventures and products that will revolutionize our daily living.

EGLA has already been successful with its own technological innovations. In 2014, with the MEDIAMPLIFY® Platform, MOOD MEDIA’s sold DMX to Stingray Digital, EGLA’s platform was servicing over 30M subscribers in a $16M transaction. In 2015-2016, EGLA was the platform for SonLife Radio with thousands of listeners per day, and SKY TV Music Platform in Brasil with 1M sbuscribers. From 2016-present, EGLA has been the Cable TV music platform for “CABLE COLOR HONDURAS”.

Additionally, EGLA is continuously assisting in the licensing campaigns of Mobility Workx’s and its patent portfolio, including licensing of those patents and technology to Verizon Wireless.

Innovation is in our Veins

EGLA has a list of products in its pipeline already developed or under development, including.  MEVIA, MEVIA Studios, MobileCAD, MobileIPP, Demolizer, Verified.Tel, and soon MEVIA OS and the MEVIAVERSE.

In the intellectual property fort,  EGLA controls licensing for 6 issued US Patents, 1 European patent, and several patent applications.  We are intellectual property licensing experts and that expertise, can assist your venture reach the highest potential with an favorable agreement.

Our software engineering expertise was perfected by working at companies like Microsoft, Motorola, and many other Fortune 500 corporations.

Our team of expert witnesses also assist you with damages, infringement, invalidity in any litigation matter, IPR case, trade secrets, or ITC matter. We have supported big giants like AT&T, CDW, CITRIX, and other corporations, as ell as small businesses in patent matters. .

Startups and our EGLAVATOR

EGLA also is a partner and investor to several efforts that might include:

Litigation Assistance and Intellectual Property

NFT Museum DemoAmong other success stories,  EGLA’s expert witness services assisted many successful licensing campaigns. Lately, EGLA assisted Intellectual Ventures in settling its dispute against General Motors and Toyota.  This is just one of many patent and trademark cases where EGLA’s expertise and expertise has derived great results   Moreover, EGLA has also been very successful assisting patent owners in IPRs with its arguments being considered by PTAB judges in high-stake cases.  For example, PTAB judges cited Dr. Hernandez in a Citrix case against a competitor.

We credit the testimony of Dr. Hernandez on step (a), as it explains in detail the deficiencies in Petitioner’s position and is consistent with the references’ disclosures discussed above. See Ex. 2004 ¶¶ 90–92, 95. (More..)

Patents, Trade Secrets, Evidence of Use

Accelerate, Incubate, Create

Intellectual Property Consulting for Small & Large Corporations

Our expertise includes assisting from startups, to small, medium and large corporations with intellectual property strategies, valuations, acquisitions, litigation, invalidity, damages calculations, and launch of products to new markets.

Startups, Intellectual Property, Investments

EGLA CORP is the founder of the EGLAVATOR, a 10,000 sq ft facility where several startups and EGLA’s own technologies operate.  We elevate businesses right from our space. Entrepreneurs share  access to fiber optics, conference centers,  meeting space, snacks and food, labs, small data center, and all the amenities needed to build a technology venture.

We have pitch events, MEVIA Studios (Podcasting and Youtube studios), 3D printers, and much more.

EGLA CORP also assist our customers with venture funding, either by applying for grants, connecting clients to buyers, and in general assists startups in their business development and engineering cycles.

EGLA also has its own technologies and inventions, our portfolio of patented products is available thru these links.

EGLA's Patents

Expert Witness Services

We have dedicated and smart case managers that are familiar with patent law, copyright, and many other areas of our intellectual property services. We have a network of professionals from multiple Fortune 500 corporations like Motorola, Nokia, Apple, Blackberry, Google, Microsoft, and more. You will save time and money with our services.

Once we identify the best experts for your case, our team will connect you with the leading candidates before you make a final decision.

We also own and 

Patents, Trademarks, Software

We are specialized in severa; technology fields:  wireless communications, cloud-based systems software platform mobile, embedded devices, operating systems, and many aspects the include hardware/software interactions for your case. We also audit software and validate technical reports, statements, affidavits.  Our services include Inter-Partiers Reviews, Validity, Copyright, Patent Infringement, Packet Captures, Evidence Analysis, Reverse Engineering, and more

Artificial Intelligence

We are have been working in AI and Machine Learning since 1997 in early versions of reinforced learning, neural networks, adaptive systems, and robotics. We are now up to speed with recent advancements in generative AI, deep learning, and other techniques that are being incorporated to our platforms

Our founder, Dr. Edwin Hernandez is a judge for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2020 and it was a judge in 2019.

We are experts in the METAVERSE with Augmented Reality Patents and applications that include our MEVIA OS Platform

3D Printing and R&D Labs

We have access to modern techniques for testing and validating wireless networks. We can setup a virtualized environment and clearly understand diagrams from the hardware/software provided.  Our hands-on engineers can write scripts and your expert will provide you with reports that are strong and hard to be challenged.

Circuit Design and IOT

We are engineers and our workbench is full of tools, resistors, Raspberry PIs, ESP32, and many other electronics. We have experience with CANBUS, NMEA2000, and advanced CAD, OrCAD, and other design tools for prototyping..

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