Research Labs

Research Labs at EGLA CORP

We have dedicated to engineering with deep understanding of patent law, copyright matters, trade secrets and and many other areas of our intellectual property services.

We have a network of professionals from multiple Fortune 500 corporations like Motorola, Nokia, Apple, Blackberry, Google, Microsoft, and more. You will save time and money with our services.

Once we identify the best experts for your case, our team will connect you with the leading candidates before you make a final decision.

Claim Construction & Technical Analysis Laboratory

We have our own research labs for computer and networking analysis. Our team and resources are ready  to assist your needs on cloud, networking, wireless communications, software audits, data & flow chart validation, packet data capture, and technical evidence analysis.

From a TCPA litigations, to AI or Cloud computing strategy for 4G or 5G, or patent infringement expertise advice, and all software engineering matters, don’t hesitate to reach me.


Patents, Trademarks, Software

We are specialized in technology fields, wireless communications, cloud-based systems software platform mobile, embedded devices, operating systems, and many aspects the include hardware/software interactions for your case. We also audit software and validate technical reports, statements, affidavits. Our services include Inter-Partiers Reviews, Validity, Copyright, Patent Infringement, Packet Captures, Evidence Analysis, Reverse Engineering, and strategic analysis.

Engineering Background

You are hiring a true expert  in engineering from wireless & mobile to AI and streaming. We have deep understanding and knowledge of smartphone technologies, cloud computing, augmented realty, IOT and sensors, nd much more.

We are experts  in computer and software engineering with several decades of experience in the field from the 1990s.

We have worked at very early stages of the mobile and wireless technologies fields when systems and smartphones began proliferating all under my Ph.D research. We continue my research in the fields of wireless communications, mobile, media streaming, augmented reality, machine learning and internet networking.

Our Expertise

I have worked for Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and Motorola. As a wireless expert I have 14 issued patents in the field of mobile and wireless technologies and over 5 years of experience in Federal Court.

As a media streaming expert, I have worked with cable technologies, CDNs, mobile applications, and have filed a patent portfolio in this field including an additional issued patent.

PCB Board Analysis, Integrated Circuits, RF Measurements, and networking traces.

Your Expert Analysis Team

Strategic Thinking for your Intellectual Property. Data Analysis, Forensics

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