Software Engineering & Expert Witness Services

We have dedicated consultants for your software engineering project in mind.
We are are familiar with intellectual property law, copyright of your code, and creating value with your services.
We have a network of professionals with experience in multiple Fortune 500 corporations like Motorola, Nokia, Apple, Blackberry, Google, Microsoft, and more.

You will save time and money with our services.

Once we identify the best experts or consultants on your case, our team will connect you with the leading candidates before you make a final decision.


Coders by design

Our team has worked and works with IOS, Android, and its ramifications from Apple TV, Android TV, Wearables. Also, we have worked on C/C++, Python, Java, Rails, Javascript

According to this 2017 I survey, we are experienced with all the top programming languages>

We are specialized in technology fields, wireless communications, cloud-based systems software platform mobile, embedded devices, operating systems, and many aspects the include hardware/software interactions for your case. We also audit software and validate technical reports, statements, affidavits.  Our services include Inter-Partiers Reviews, Validity, Copyright, Patent Infringement, Packet Captures, Evidence Analysis, Reverse Engineering, and more

Laboratory for Testing

We have access to modern techniques for testing and validating wireless networks. We can setup a virtualized environment and clearly understand diagrams from the hardware/software provided.  Our hands-on engineers can write scripts and your expert will provide you with reports that are strong and hard to be challenged.

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We can get your best value for your hourly wage, our experts and coordinators will be on top of your case. Your case will have supplemental reports, expert analysis, and we can offer our conference room for depositions at a reduced rate.