Source Code Reviews

At EGLA CORP, we have over 30+ years of experience in code. We have experts that worked on assembly, Basic and Pascal in the early 90's to Javascript and React or mobile technologies.

EGLA Corp has already assisted in multiple code reviews in several court case, industry consulting, and expert reports.

Experience with Multiple Platforms and Software

All kinds of source code tools from Assembly, VHDL, C/C++, CAD Drawings, Broad Support Packages, PCAP traces. And souce code tracking tools such as Git, BitBucket, other databae-related access tools.
Experienced Code Reviewers from EGLA CORP assisted us in finding great code examples for infringement and even use evidence for invalidity counter-arguments.

- Confidential Counsel

Startup Projects

We lead and developediOS and Android Apps for several EGLA CORP’s projects:
  • SAFEFI - together with STADSON, Inc.
  • Radio FG - Mobile Streaming for Music and Techno Radio
  • MEVIA Application for mobile streaming, OTT, Music
  • Other applications and multiple hackathons.

Penetration Testing and Cyber Security

With a wide experience in penetration testing and cybersecurity, EGLA CORP can analyze logs, determine security breaches and assist with best practices for code sharing to software audits.