Medical Systems and Electronic Health Records

Our medical systems expertise and Electronic Health Records (EHR) includes PACS and DICOM protocols for medical imaging.

Medical imaging includes X-Ray, MRI, Mamo, CAT and any other technology using DICOM protocol to store records including diagnostics. Tracking, sharing, and managing access to these records is crucial for patient management.

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The architecture of capturing images, storing and managing access for several purposes from diagnosis, sharing and comparing progress of any particular procedure. The use of the cloud and software technologies is crucial to maintain encrypted and secured communications for a HIPAA regulatory requirements and other privacy measures.


Medical Imaging

The images using DICOM protocol are made available to EHRs or RIS systems (Radiology Information Systems) where X-Ray to MRI, echocardiogram, and other files are stored for many years (e.g. 7 ) and maintained depending on the patient age and regulatory requirements.