MEVIA OS is a Decentralized Operating System

Decentralized Operating System Platform

MEVIAOS enables a universe of apps that we call the MEVIAVERSE. MEVIA is a platform that evolved from streaming and TV broadcasting created the past 10 years and evolved with HTML5 and web apps.  MEVIA OS uses the web as its fabric to communicate devices with TV screens. In the MEVIAVERSE of apps, the MEVIAOS can connect any phone or device to a TV and vice verse. Turn your iPhone into a game controller, or a painting palette, or why not? use your own iPhone to and connect a session where your phone is the camera and the TV is your display.   Demonstrations available only under NDA.  Patent Pending

NFT Museum Demo

Early demonstration using drawing NFTs

During the MIAMI NFT Event in April 2021, EGLA CORP as a sponsor showed a booth with a very early stage of the NFT LAB App. This platform has evolved and updated to a series of use cases that make MEVIAOS the alternative OS for the web. 

MEVIAOS, a novel approach

Hera, at EGLA we have been particularly interested in Operating Systems. We have personally worked on Linux and Windows systems since the 1990's.  

MEVIA OS answers the question if there is a way to create an operating system that is fully decentralized that uses all the machines around us, servers, etc as the "hardware," meaning storage, caching, memory, and use our phones to become, the controller. A fully decentralized operating systems.  

This technology is patent pending but MEVIA  as a platform has already 3 issued US Patents and 1 European patent.


The original has consisted on downloading the operating system and installing it into the firmware and using the memory and i/o devices as we have done thus far.

What we propose with MEVIAOS is different, basically what we propose is the use of the web as the fabric, and decentralized the generation of controllers that reside in your phone, iPAD, or any other portable device. 

In the following proposal, javascript and server-based protocols are used to handle devices and control the way the distributed operating system work. In summary, the web and MEVIAOS display the controller, depending on the app that can be displayed in a a screen, when all the other functions reside in the cloud, or a blockchain, or in general in any remote system that has multiple processors, storage, memory, GPU, and never needs to be upgraded. 

The Operating System (MEVIAOS) is then residing in the "Ether" and applications are built by loading MEVIA OS as part of their application framework and defining what kind of controllers are supported by the application.