What's MEVIA?

MEVIA is the next generation platform for TV Streaming. Video, Music distribution to IPTV, mobile operators, Cable TV, ISPs, and OTT.

MEVIA uses our patented technology platfrom. MEVIA brings together video, music and safety all in one mobile experience. MEVIA connects web and mobile experiences with Cable TV broadcasting, and more. Our technologies are unique having our target markets in Latin America and the United States.

Our Technology is protected by several patents US10123074, US10524002, US11140441,and EP3238457. 

Successful Deployments


Videos and Live TV

Music Streaming


–  Acoustic Pop – Alternative Adult
–  Rock – Bachata
– Beach Music – Bolero
– Bossa Nova – Calypso
– Children’s Music – Chill Lounge
– Christian Alternative Rock – Classic Rock
– Classical Guitar – Classical Piano
– Contemporary – Jazz Cumbia
– Dance – Pop Disco
– Drum and Bass – Dub Techno – Easy Listening

Banner with Studio

MEVIA Studios

MEVIA Studios are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate TV and Podcast content.

MEVIA Streaming Platform

Artificial Intelligence

Using AI and Machine Learning from Generative AI (e.g. Chat GPT), LSTM, Text to Speed & Speech to Text. 

Cloud to Cable – MediaPlug

Servers & Virtual Machines

Our systems are virtualized, running on a SD-WAN or SD-LAN, providing storage and capabilities using docker, VMWare or Xenserver virtual machines.

lineudp Music

Web Widgets and HTML Content

Our patented technology includes the use of web widget and HTML content to overlay on videos, or generate videos with audio in AC-3 or the formats.

MEVIA Platform for Video and Music Streaming