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EGLA CORP provides its expertise and many years of industry experience in technology. We consult in multiple areas including intellectual property,  information technologies, prototyping, and more.


Our experts can assist you with certification and auditing of your IT infrastructure, software source code, performance, and security. Let us review your project on-premises or in the cloud.

“Your expert witness report and testimony convinced the jury at trial for an award of 700K in damages and a permanent injunction” — Federal case in California


EGLA CORP has many relationships with high-caliber engineers, scientists, and experts in the fields of technology. If our experts fit better with your organization or you need help with a project for a few months, we will find the right fit for you.

Research & Development

Our team can assist you with your R&D needs, from intellectual property, to prototyping. From entirely software projects to mechanical designs. or circuit boards.

“With over 14 Patents and Intellectual Property Licensing including Verizon Wireless”

Experienced in Litigation and Strategy

Intellectual Property Experts

We have assisted in matters from AI to advanced Wireless Communications like  Beamforming.  Augmented Reality, IOT,  E-Commerce, Internet Networking, Mobile Applications, Trade Secrets, Forensic Analysis, and much more.

We can assist you in pre-litigation matters, IP acquisition, IP Valuation, non-infringing alternatives, Startups, Business Innovation, IPR Declarations, prototyping, and much more.

Our clients and involvements have included large corporations like CITRIX, Bank of America, and AT&T to startups like Poinskash, Express Mobile, Talent Mobile, and many others small businesses.

Startup Investing & Strategy

Assisting Startups and Ventures

Our team of innovation experts has assisted different ventures and startups at our incubator program, the EGLAVATOR. We have the expertise to bring an idea to reality from technology to business. Noon else can bring business, tech and intellectual property strategies at once.


Expert Services: Technology Analysis, Code reviews, Validity

EGLA CORP 3D printing

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Innovators and Technology Experts
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EGLA CORP has over 10 years of experience in IP matters and our experts have over 30 yers developing innovative technologies, startups, software, and connected devices.

Our expert witness team has assisted numerous patent, trademark, and trade secret litigations.

We are also experienced software developers in cloud-based platforms, AI, IOT, Augmented Reality. We  create our own products and invent new tech.  Our expertise is broad ranging from wireless communications to media streaming, medical technologies ,computer vision, etc.


We are located in South Florida but have offices overseas in Latin America (Honduras).


Acceleration, Tech Startups, Capital Funding, Strategy


EGLA CORP is your tech partner for all your  intellectual property strategies, software solutions, startups, investments and all your technological requirements.

TECHEDTv Samples


MEVIA Widgets and Customized Broadcasts

Next Generation Spaces


EGLAVATOR Startup Space, Office, and Technology Incubator

  • Startup Environment

    Snacks and Executive Conference Room

  • Affordable Spces

    Office Space and Tech Incubator

  • Cloud Prototypes

    Data Center and High-Speed Internet

  • Media

    TV & Podcasting Studios

EGLAVATOR is our tech incubator, office space, and R&D Lab. We use our tech in our own TV Studio(s).

We are experts in Podcasting, Digital Marketing and Videos. We count with R&D Labs with soldering equipment,  3D Printers, Electronic Design, and all you may need to build a product.


Our headquarters in Boca Raton, FL


Dr. Edwin Hernandez

Owner & Founder

Dr. Edwin Hernandez is an expert witness, an inventor and an entrepreneur with technical expertise in the areas of computer networking, wireless and mobile communications, multimedia streaming, Artificial Intelligence (AI), algorithms, and cloud technologies.  He has been part of the entrepreneurship world since 1997 and now provides strategic technical, licensing, and intellectual property advise to startups and even “Fortune 500” companies.

Dr. Edwin graduated in 2002 with a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering.  Dr. Hernandez  has more than 25+ years of experience in the field of computer science, working for companies like Motorola and Microsoft.

Business Advisor - Sinjin Lee (John)

Sinjin Lee

Business Development

Sinjin is a founder of multiple startups and financial advisor, leads our team



Discord and Podcast Expert

Vita likes Auto-GPT, Podcast, Art, and Biotech



Video Guru

Video Guru and media streaming



Writer, Digital Expert

Digital Expert and Copywriter


Dr. Alcides Hernandez

Business & Startup Expert

Dr. Alcides Hernandez is a strategist and co-founder of EGLA, he owned an ISP in Honduras for over 15 years and has been a awarded with Honduras National Science medal in the past.


Ed Gilmore

Startup Advisor

Ed was the founder of SpeedeTab, acquired by and has worked for Motorola, Blackberry, and others.


Dan Gudema

Marketing Expert

Dan Gudema is the founder of SEO Turbobooster and works at the EGLAVATOR as a marketing and digital specialist consultant, also organizes Startup Pitch Events and other startups include Speed Dating and BRICS.

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Go Global Award Finalist

EGLA CORP a leading technology innovation company, is proud to announce its selection as a finalist for the prestigious 2023 Go Global Awards. This global event, […]

Expert Witness Services – TrackTime Survives Motion for Summary Judgement

EGLA CORP and Dr. Edwin Hernandez-Mondragon are assisting Tracktime LLC in a patent matter against Amazon, Inc.  The case has developed to the point that a […]

EGLA maintains its leadership position in Cloud TV and Streaming

According to, EGLA’s products are competing with Kaltura, Brightcove, Amino Technologies, Muvi, IntelliMedia Networks, Pontis Technologies, Mware Solutions, MatrixStream Technologies, and other players

Mobility Workx Files Patent Infringement Litigation Against AT&T

Quoting AT&T was sued for patent infringement on Friday in Texas Eastern District Court. The suit, filed by Zeisler PLLC and Machat & Associates on […]

Wireless Patent Portfolio

LSTM and Accelerometer

Deep Learning with LSTM •“Deep learning is a subset of machine learning, which is essentially a neural network with three or more layers. These neural networks attempt […]

EGLAVATOR Startups in Boca Raton

Startups in our Boca Raton Space The startups have updated their plans and have done quite a good job on their progress moving forward:. We have […]

Expert Witness Consulting

Expert Witness: Who is Dr. Edwin A. Hernandez? As an Expert Witness, Dr. Edwin Hernandez is a serial entrepreneur, inventor, and founder of “EGLA CORP.” EGLA […]

SBRI and STTR Grants with EGLA

Inspiralia and EGLA CORP are partners for SBIR, STTR Grants Inspiralia is a company that helps startups in technology ventures gain funding and grants, specifically through […]

MEVIA is the Platform for Personalized Streams with Web Widgets. MEVIA is a patented technology that brings web widgets to broadcast TV streams without the need of complex […]

EGLAVATOR Startups News

BOCA RATON, FL.  Fantastic EGLAVATOR Startup News!   EGLA CORP is excited to share great news from our members of the EGLAVATOR. The EGLAVATOR is Boca Raton’s […]

Mobility Workx and Verizon Reach Agreement for Wireless Tech

Mobility Workx and Verizon Reach Agreement for Wireless Technologies Innovators in wireless certification, testing, and fast mobility handover Dr. Edwin Hernandez is a co-founder at Mobility […]

Secured Coworking Spaces – Next Generation Remote Workforce

 Secured coworking spaces are a need with today’s workforce. The concept of a “Next Generation” space is tailored for a future and soon to take over […]

EGLAVATOR New Co-working Space in Boca Raton

New Address in Boca Raton, FL. Boca Raton, FL.   The EGLAVATOR is improving its co-working space in Boca Raton. We  moved to a better and […]

New Issued Patent to Join MEVIA’s Portfolio

  We are beefing up our intellectual property portfolio on all streaming fronts, now a new patent to cover our streaming technologies comes to join our […]

Cloud to Cast – Demonstrations with Social Media and Web

MEVIA is an innovative platform that connects “Cloud” or “Web” based apps to broadcasting technologies and systems.  MEVIA is hence referred to as Cloud to Cast […]


The Mevia Platform Roadmap for 2021 and 2021 is pretty exciting.  I have been working on a new roadmap for the MEVIA Platform for 2021 and […]

CloudTV Market an Opportunity for EGLA’s Innovation

EGLA’s Innovation: MEVIA  Platform The CloudTV market is being enhanced with tokenomics and cryptocurrencies. We are preparing to launch our own token for Media Streaming as […]

COVID-19 : Biohazard Destruction with Augmented Reality

COVID-19 has demonstrated the importance of Biohazard Destruction or cleaning devices. The manipulation of highly contagious deceases like Coronavirus make a need to use other methods […]

What is 5G?

Going in to more detail, the 3GPP organization defines itself in the website as follows : The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) unites [Seven] telecommunications standard […]

Music Choice vs Stingray Settlement – Accurate Analysis by EGLA

Settlement agreement between Music Choice and Stingray Digital Music Choice vs Stingray Settlement arrives right before trial. This case has been analyzed by our experts from […]

Damages Reports with Loss Profits

Damages Reports with Loss Profits : Non-Infringing Alternatives and  Reasonable Royalty January 27, 2020 by wincho wincho No comments yet FacebookTwitterLinkedInWhatsAppRedditDiggHacker NewsEvernoteLiveJournalSlashdotSaveEmailShare0 Damages Reports with Loss […]

Content Monetization with Cable TV and Satellite Operators

Content Monetization in Cable TV For TV, Video and Music Content Monetization on Cable TV systems has been very important por revenues. Cloud to cable brings […]

5G Handover

5G Handover4G LTE handover was called X2 and S1, in 5G NR are called XN and N2 5G has come close to standardization with many news […]

X2 Handover in LTE: A Tutorial

X2 Handover:  How does it work? An X2 Handover is used by LTE as well as S1 handovers for User Equipment (“UE”) or mobile phone mobility. […]

Smartphone Expert Witness

Smartphone Expert Witness Our team of engineers have worked in companies like Motorola Mobility,  Microsoft, Blackberry, Nokia, and many other phone manufacturers.  Dr. Edwin Hernandez has […]

Cloud to Cable Patent Updates

Cloud to Cable Patent Officially Issued (2nd Patent)The new patent also covering "Cloud to Cable TV" was issued on December 11th, 2019. What does Cloud to […]

IPR Consultants

IPR Consultants We have experience assisting clients as IPRs consultants.  IPRs are now used as defense during patent infringement cases.  During the IPR process, we will […]

Case Opinions – Music Choice v. Stingray Digital

Introduction I will start quoting, MultiChannel article that describes the genesis of this dispute.. Stingray and Music Choice have a long history. In 2015, Music Choice […]

Assisted Cases: Expert Witness & Damages Expert

Technical Expert Witness for Intellectual Property and Patent Cases University of Florida Research Foundation, Inc. et. al. v. Motorola Mobility LLC. Filed in U.S. District Court […]

Why Cloud to Cable : MVPD Licensing Portfolio and Technology.

Why Cloud to Cable? Cloud to Cable is a patented solution for music streaming providers to distribute content to MVPDs. Amplify your offering from online streaming […]

Global Mobile Awards – Judge for Mobile World Congress 2020

Dr. Edwin A. Hernandez will be attending a judge for the Global Mobile Awards at the Mobile World Congress 2020 in Barcelona, Spain. Stay tuned for […]

An innovative approach to compute damages models KPI-based businesses

This analysis only works when Panduit testfails for a computation of loss profits and only works for a reasonable royalty damagers model. I personally submitted a […]

Cloud to Cable – Second Patent Allowed

Cloud to Cable Second Patent Allowed Besides US Patent 10,123,074 a new patent is allowed within the same family. A second set of claims were allowed […]

IPR Declaration and Expert Witness Assistance

What is an IPR? IPR is an intellectual property process called "Inter-Parties Review" or IPR. This process includes a "Petitioner," a company filing a petition,  and […]

Artificial Intelligence in 4G and 5G Systems

Artificial Intelligence in 4G and 5G Systems At the Mobile World Congress 2019, I found many interesting things, first and foremost many robots, AI, and not […]

Cloud to Cable TV – Intellectual Property Portfolio

Cloud to Cable TV is the platform that makes it easy to send music channels, video channels, video on demand, and any other multimedia streaming content […]

Cloud to Cable TV Patent Issued Today.

US Patent 10,123,074 Today, the US Pat 10,123,074 issued for Cloud to Cable, after a provisional was filed December 2014. This patent covers the currently commercialized […]

NBC Universal Hackathon – Miami 2018

This weekend I went and spent some time hacking some code at the “NBC Universal Hackathon” and trying it out new ideas, meeting new friends, and […]

Cloud to Cable Patent Issued & Inventors Protection Act Updates

Patent Issued for One of Our Media Streaming Technologies As you have read in my blog, Cloud-to-Cable is a platform and technology that merges the worlds […]

Music Choice Patent Axed Partially by PTAB

   Late September and early October total of two judgments have been filed thus far by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) in the case […]

What is Cloud to Cable TV?

What is Cloud to Cable TV? Use Case : Music for Cable | Amplify your Reach® First Patent is Allowed and will be granted The patent […]

An Augmented Reality Anemometer – First Update 

Augmented Reality Anemometer – First Update During the “Emerge Americas Hackathon 2018,” the theme was “Miami Resilience” and specially with all the hurricane  events in Florida […]

Predicting Network Traffic using Radial-basis Function Neural Networks

Predicting Network Traffic using Radial-basis Function Neural Networks – Fractal Behavior I found a paper about Predicting Network Traffic using RBFNN.  I wrote this back in […]

Introduction Big Data in RF Analysis

Big Data in RF Analysis Big Data provides tools and a framework to analyze data, in fact, large amounts of data. Radio Frequency, RF, provides  amounts […]

Big Data Presentation and 4G/5G Intelligent Cell Positioning

BigData Presentation – Radio Frequency / Mobile CDS Intelligent Positioning of RF Cells for 4G/5G I was invited to FAU (Florida Atlantic University) to present at […]

Music for Cable Re-Launch

Music for Cable and Music for IPTV Powered by CLOUD TO CABLE Music for Cable and Music for IPTV ara part of the sites being relaunched […]

Music Choice vs Stingray Digital – Case 2:16-cv-586-JRG-RSP

Music Choice vs Stingray Digital – Case 2:16-cv-586-JRG-RSP  vs.  Music Choice vs Stingray is a case taking place in the E.D. of Texas.  We will discuss […]

American Innovation Cycle: Challenges and Phases (IPR era)

American Innovation Cycle : Challenges and Phases / IPR Era An Inventor’s Perspective The new American Innovation Cycle has changed how Innovation is produced and will […]

Plataforma de Música y Televisión

Plataforma de Música y Televisiøn : MEDIAMPLIFY®: Amplify your reach A Cloud to Cable TV™ Plataforma de Música, TV, y Video Dr. Edwin A. Hernandez Fundador […]

A Cloud to Cable TV™ Platform for Music, Internet TV, and Video

A Cloud to Cable TV™ Platform for Music, TV, and Video Dr. Edwin A. Hernandez Chief Technology Officer – EGLA COMMUNICATIONS Mediamplify® is the one stop […]


MEVIA Updates We have done tremendous progress on MEVIA, the message, the branding and overall improved to a responsive site our corporate image. Focusing on the […]

Anvato Acquisition and compared with EGLA CORP

Anvato Acquisition by Google Compared with EGLA CORP An announcement was found today regarding ANVATO, one of the OTT Platforms in the market. Slideshare brings an […]

Hadoop: Tutorial and BigData

What’s Hadoop? What’s Hadoop? Hadoop is a framework or tools that enable the partition and split of tasks across multiple server and nodes on a network. […]

Cloud: Docker and XenServer

Virtualization with Docker and XenServer Virtualization with Docker and XenServer has been occurring for several years . According to google search,  Virtualization consists on: ”  Virtualization is […]