Medical Waste disposal with Demolizer II using AR and IOT

Medical Waste Disposal made green and ecological. Our technology is patented and solves the problem of disposing biohazard materials using an eco-friendly solution. Our technology follows an EPA approved process that employs “dry heat” to melt and sterilize medical waste without incineration. 


Our  software solution makes “medical waste management” easy. 

Our goal is to make medical waste disposal more like “printing” a document using a modern-day “laser jet,” safe, and easy. Our intellectual property is covered under patents:

The DEMOLIZER is designed by expert engineers, with all device parts ready for fabrication using modern-day CNC machining.

All software and our specifications use advanced tools and formats, including: 

Available in Solid Works, Node JS, Python, and AR.


Demolizer Cloud

Demolizer Cloud

Internet of Things (iOT)

Medical waste disposal tracking, control, is made easier with iOT.  Our technology connects your demolizer device to the internet, where our apps or your own app can control it. You can manage utilization logs and all processes from your mobile phone. The logs are stored for compliance. EPA or a city may audit how medical waste has been disposed with all logs available online.

Demolizer Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality with App for Demolizer Control

Augmented Reality (AR)

Touching medical waste is not fun and can be dangerous. Our technology allows the use of Augmented Reality (AR) interfaces to control the device without touching it. This methodology makes medical waste disposal safer, and with more control, hence reducing potential skin exposure to spills or the heat in general.
AR interface 
Eco-Friendly Augmented Reality Interface


Plastic Block Residual 

The residual is a plastic block that can be recycled or thrown away to the garbage can. The Demolizer platform keeps control and compliance to EPA requirements.  

Demolizer Residual Block

The clean process is approved by the EPA in over 75 cities and states.  Are you ready for your unit?

Market for Medical Waste Management

The global medical waste management market size was valued at $7,226.4 million in 2020, and is projected to reach $12,834.9 million by 2030, registering a CAGR of 5.8% from 2021 to 2030. The medical waste management is defined as the management of biomedical waste by various services such as incineration, chemical treatment and autoclaving. Medical waste is the by-product generated from the hospitals, laboratories, and research industry and surgery centers. This growth of this market is due to increase in volume of medical waste, stringent regulatory framework in order to manage the medical waste safely and in eco-friendly way, and development of healthcare infrastructure. In addition, increasing numbers of awareness program regarding medical waste management, propels the growth of the market 


The literature around “Demolizers” proves a product to be an alternative to incineration:

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