This portfolio was originally designed with a medical technology in mind. The idea was to protect a healthcare worker from accessing directly biohazard materials,  The current patent and technology uses dry-Heat to dispose medical waste. However, the patent claims are sufficiently broad to encompass any heating process, including food..  In other words, these patents cover the use of IP tunnels, IOT, and Augmented Reality to heat anything, from food, to other industrial processes, to ovens, and any similar applications are covered by this US Patent. 

Additionally, the patent applications being prosecuted by Dickinson & Wright are also covering the use of voice commands to authenticate a user in an IOT environment, other AR interfaces, and some other aspects being claim in thew patent applications.


US Pat. 11441773

Systems and methods that comprise scanning, using a camera on a mobile electronic device, a target item coupled to a heating device. The heating device comprises: a transceiver that receives commands for controlling operations of the heating device to dispose of biohazard waste; and a target item that is coupled to or presented by the heating device, and includes heating device identification data. The methods also comprise: obtaining, using a mobile communication device including a circuit, the heating device identification data from the target item; accessing the heating device using the heating device identification data; and causing a graphical user interface to be presented that enables user-software interactions for communicating the commands from the mobile communication device to the heating device.

Continuation Patents

We are filing continuation patents for this technology
  •  17/811,865 is being prosecuted 

Software and Technology

We are working with innovation and R&D for IOT and new interfaces 

This is an area of innovation specially that we use Augmented Reality (AR) for medical spaces.



We are innovating manufacturing.

CNC Machining and technology manufacturing


Food Industry

We are innovating how AR is used in Kitchens

Our technology can also be used in residential and industrial kitchens.

3D Printing and Design

We use modeling 3D printing, CAD/CAM for crucible and all other parts

Specifications available for licensing.

Our Reference Design for IOT and Augmented Really is versatile to cover any implementation. Our team of engineers will assist you in the process of integrating it with your own product.

Our innovative IP uses Augmented Reality to control dry heat processes. 

Our solid works schematics and design is ready for CNC Manufacturing.

Augmented Reality Improves Safety when managing medical waste

Our technology is cleaner and environmentally friendly, approved by the EPA.


We are experts in intellectual property and licensing.