First LATAM Market Operations only - Institutions and Investors – US Regulatory to be determined. A DEX – Decentralized Exchange
  • Management and Operations
  • Security and Trust in the BlockChain – Likely Binance
  • Automated Market Maker
  • Liquidity Pool Participation – Carbon Credit to BNB
  • Transaction Fee - 1% for conversion from Carbon Credit to BNB
  • Returns in Staking Farm - 10 to 12 APY %

Centralized (CEX) vs Decentralized (DEX)

Exchanges features:
  • Market Maker (Automated)
  • Liquidity Pool Management
  • Transactions (thousands to millions)
  • Graphical Tools for pricing and trading
Main difference – DEX runs in multiple nodes and uses the blockchain to achieve consensus, CEX manages the “tape” ]