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EGLA CORP provides its expertise and many years of industry experience in technology. We consult in multiple areas including intellectual property,  information technologies, prototyping, and more.


Our experts can assist you with certification and auditing of your IT infrastructure, software source code, performance, and security. Let us review your project on-premises or in the cloud.


EGLA CORP has many relationships with high-caliber engineers, scientists, and experts in the fields of technology. If our experts fit better with your organization or you need help with a project for a few months, we will find the right fit for you.

Research & Development

Our team can assist you with your R&D needs, from intellectual property, to prototyping. From entirely software projects to mechanical designs. or circuit boards.


EGLA CORP Innovators and Technology Professionals

Innovators and Technology Experts
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EGLA CORP  has over 10 years of experience developing innovations, startups, software, connected devices, and intellectual property.

Our team of experts has developed cloud-based platforms and created its own products from wireless communications, to media streaming, medtech, and more.

We are true experts in litigation, software engineering, and technology development with PhD-level engineers. We are hands-on, that can get you the best solution to your problem, from idea, to prototype to, capital raise.


We are located in South Florida but have offices overseas in Latin America.

Our Values & Motivation

  • High Performance

    The best solution for your problem

  • Entreprenurial

    Our mindset is all about efficiency & ROI!.

  • Dedicated

    Dedication & address concerns is our goal

  • Perseverance

    Work hard for the project & clients

  • Client First

    Customers are always first!

  • Work Ethic

    Ethics, Honesty, and Transparency.

  • Innovative

    Innovation is in our DNA!

  • Think outside the box

    When traditional approaches fail!


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EGLA CORP  is your technology partner for expert witness services, intellectual property strategy, software & technological needs,

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Why Cloud to Cable : MVPD Licensing Portfolio and Technology.

Why Cloud to Cable? Cloud to Cable is a patented solution for music streaming providers to distribute content to MVPDs. Amplify your offering from online streaming to Cable TV & IPTV systems with linear channels and SVOD subscritions. Create visually appealing streams with great sound, bundled with a mobile experience through the MEVIA app. Music […]

Global Mobile Awards – Judge for Mobile World Congress 2020

Dr. Edwin A. Hernandez will be attending a judge for the Global Mobile Awards at the Mobile World Congress 2020 in Barcelona, Spain. Stay tuned for coverage from

An innovative approach to compute damages models KPI-based businesses

This analysis only works when Panduit testfails for a computation of loss profits and only works for a reasonable royalty damagers model. I personally submitted a damages report in a the case: Mobility Workx, LLC vs Cellco Partnership aka Verizon Wireless in the E.D. Texas, and Judge Mazzant ordered me to present it to a jury […]

Cloud to Cable – Second Patent Allowed

Second Patent – Allowed for Cloud to Cable Besides US Patent 10,123,074 a new patent is allowed within the same family. A second set of claims were allowed on September 3rd, 2019 and that means that several claims that cover MPEG TV and Music broadcasting, MPEG 2-way communications, HTTP Live Streaming broadcasting, and fault-tolerance for [...]

IPR Declaration and Expert Witness Assistance

What is an IPR? IPR is an intellectual property process called "Inter-Parties Review" or IPR. This process includes a "Petitioner," a company filing a petition,  and a "Patent Owner" that owns a disputed patent. The "Petitioner" files this petition because it believes a "Patent Owner" (PO) owns an invalid patent, and decides to challenge its [...]

Cloud to Cable TV – Intellectual Property Portfolio

Cloud to Cable TV is the platform that makes it easy to send music channels, video channels, video on demand, and any other multimedia streaming content to millions of subscribers.  Cloud to Cable enables a friendly distribution system for media owners, content providers, to subscribers in IPTV, Cable TV, OTT, or even satellite operators. We […]

Cloud to Cable TV Patent Issued Today.

US Patent 10,123,074 Today, the US Pat 10,123,074 issued for Cloud to Cable, after a provisional was filed December 2014. This patent covers the currently commercialized Cloud to Cable TV system.  The process was not that long, considering that the initial firm, NOVAK DRUCE was disbanded and I had to transfer the case to Greg […]

NBC Universal Hackathon – Miami 2018

This weekend I went and spent some time hacking some code at the “NBC Universal Hackathon” and trying it out new ideas, meeting new friends, and learning a ton on many technological aspects and innovating.  The particular problem that we decided to to solve was the irrelevance  aspects of current TV and how more interactive […]

Cloud to Cable Patent Issued & Inventors Protection Act Updates

Patent Issued for One of Our Media Streaming Technologies As you have read in my blog, Cloud-to-Cable is a platform and technology that merges the worlds of cloud and Cable TV. One of the main objectives of the patent and as you can read in the description is to: ” ……   systems, devices, methods, […]

Music Choice Patent Axed Partially by PTAB

   Late September and early October total of two judgments have been filed thus far by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) in the case against Music Choice’s patent. As indicated in the rulings for IPR2017-00888 and IPR2017-01191, partial axing fo the patents have been granted to Stingray or against Music Choice’s interest.  Interesting […]